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Ballisodare Fishing Club Report April 18th - May 1st

Ballisodare Fishing Club Report
April 18th – April 24th

April 18th – Gabriel McKeon was rewarded with his second of the season, an 8lb bar of silver at harrissons on the fly after what was a tough cold few days! Denis Crawley, Vincent Henry and John Murray all released fish on the fly up river weighing 7lb, 8lb and 8lb respectively.
April 19th – 6 caught today, 3 on the fly, 3 on the worm. Anglers who caught on the worm were Albert Shaw (7lb), Thomas O’Donovan Jnr (6lb) and John Fingerton (7lb). Aiden Heffernan had one 7lb on the fly at Harrissons and John Murray released two fish for half an hours fishing weighing 6lb and 7lb both on the fly at Joes.
April 20th – Vaughan Harkness had a lovely fish of 11.5lb on the worm at harrissons while Fechin McMorrow had one 8lb also on the worm at harrissons. Peter O’Donnell and Pat Hagan both had their first of the season and both on the fly. Peter had a nice 8lb fish from Joes caught on a cascade tube while Pat had a 7lb fish taken on a yellow and black tube at harrissons.
April 21st – Pat Hagan managed another fish today, 8.5 lb on the fly at harrissons, John Connolly released a nice fish of approximately 9lb on the fly.
April 22nd – Paddy Loughlin and David Marron got off the mark both with fish on the worm, Paddy had a 7lb fish on the worm off the wall at harrisons while David Marron had one just under 7lb from Joes. David O’Connor had a nice fish just shy of 10lb on the fly, John Connolly released another fish of 8lb on the fly.
April 23rd – Noel Barber took a nice fish of 8lb on the fly from Harrissons. After persevering with the fly all morning with no success, Visiting anglers (and brothers) Hugh and Paul O’Hagan switched to the worm and within 30 minutes were both leaving with fish weighing 8lb and 11lb respectively taken at Joes. Fechin McMorrow Jnr had a fish of 5lb also from Joes on the worm.
April 24th – Albert and Alan Shaw had a short morning catching fish of 6 and 7lb within half an hour of starting to fish both on the worm. Visiting anglers Richard Ryan and Ian Aston had fish of 8lb on the fly and 5lb on the worm. John Murray released a fish of 8lb on the fly up river.
April 25th – May 1st
A good week was had with 29 fish caught in total 9 of which were released. There was a 50/50 mix of fish caught on the worm and the fly. Some successful anglers for the week were John Connolly who released fish of 12lb, 8lb and 10lb on the fly (green butt copper body size 10 cascade), John Connolly also had another 10.5lb fish on the fly. Clive O’Neill had a fish of 7.4lb on the worm, Visiting angler Colin White had a fish of 7lb on the fly, Sean Maye had a fish 8lb on the fly in joes, Noel Barber released two fish both 7lb on the fly. Michael Mullaney had his first of the season, a lovely 9lb fish taken on the fly, Bernard Harte released a fish of 11lb after a good battle.