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Report 13th April - 19th April

Monday was a great day with 13 fish caught for the day, with fish caught at both the Fall's and up River.

Party of 3 from Dublin consiting of John Donohue, Eugene Farrell and Eamon Fitzsimons had a good day with a fish each, John had one 6lb on the fly, Eamon had a fine 10lb fish on the worm and Eugene had one 8.5lb also on the worm.

Gerry McHugh caught the biggest fish of the season so far weighing approx. 13lb caught on the fly at thwe falls.

5 fish were caught up river on the worm, successful anglers were Frank Adams (7lb), Peter Henry (6lb), Patrick O'Connor (8.5lb), Stephen Cassols (9.5lb) and Roy Cooper had one 8lb.

Several fish were released all caught on the fly - John Murray (10lb), Vincent Henry (8lb), Sean Maye (11lb) and Bernard Harte (7lb).

Tuesday was another good day with 6 fish caught. 

Peter Noone travelled over from Louth and had a fish of 8lb on the fly. Gerard Merrick also had one 8lb on the fly, both fish were caught at the fall's.

Sean Maye released another fish of 11lb caught on the fly also at the Fall's.

Patrick Scallan had a fish of 7lb on worm up river, Albert Shaw had one 8lb also on worm up river and Paul Colreavy caught a fish 6lb on the fly, also up river at harrissons.

5 fish were caught on Wednesday April 15th with lucky anglers being Denis Crawley with an 8lb fish on the fly, Aidan Heffernan with a 7lb fish on the worm, Eddie Harte with a 7lb fish on fly, Anthony McCann with a fish 11lb on the worm at the Fall's. John Murray released a fish of 7lb at the fall's.

Thursday April 16th was slower, with 2 fish caught foe the day.

Fechin McMorrow Jnr had a fish of 7lb on the fly.

Visiting angler Sean Gleeson released a fish of 7lb on the fly.

Friday April 17th saw 3 fish caught for the day.

Father and Son Paddy and David Marron of Carrickmacross had a good day catching fish weighing 7lb and 10lb respectively. Paddy caught his on the worm while son David had his on the fly.

Visitor Warrick Bowden had a fish 7lb on the fly.

Saturday April 18th was a good day for 5 anglers, visiting angler Marek Wloch had a fish 9.5lb on the worm, while Dereck Lawson (another visiting angler) released a fish 9lb on the fly, then went on to catch another fish of 7lb also on the fly. Tom Devaney had a fish 7.5lb on the fly and Paul McMahon had a fish of 8lb on the worm.

Sunday April 19th also provided sport for 5 anglers, Heather Chambers caught one weighing 7lb on the worm, Peter McDonnell also had a 7lb fish on the worm, Andrew PEarson had a fish 10.5lb on the fly, Fechin McMorrow caught one on the worm weighing 8lb and Aidan Heffernan caught a fine 9lb fish on the worm.