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Report 2nd May - 8th May

May 2nd – May 8th

A good week was had at Ballisodare with 34 fish caught, with a good number of fish released. 17 were caught on the worm while 17 were also caught on the fly, smaller flies and lighter tubes seem to be working well at present, in particular a green butt copper body cascade, and black and yellow tubes with a silver body.
The average size of the fish were between 7 and 8lb.
Colm Holland had the first fish of the year at the falls, a fish of 5lb taken on the worm on Monday May 2nd. 4 others were caught up river on Monday, all caught on the worm, successful anglers were Alan Shaw (6lb), Paddy Marron (7lb), Clive O’Neill (8.5lb) and Peter Connolly (8lb).
Tuesday was a slow day as the fish went slightly off the take, J.B Chenaux managed a lovely 9lb fish on the fly at Harrissons, Paddy Loughlin had a fish up river on the worm of 7lb while visiting angler Colin Biggs had a fish 5lb up river also on the worm.
Wednesday saw an improvement with 9 fish caught for the day, John Shields had a fish 6lb on the worm at the falls, the rest were caught up river. Visiting anglers Stuart Adams had a fish of 8lb on the fly while his fishing partner Murdoch McKenzie released a 5lb fish on the fly and then went on to get a 7.5lb fish on the worm. John Connolly and Sean Maye also released fish on the fly weighing 8lb and 5lb respectively. Ken Tucker and Paddy O’Connor both had fish on the worm weighing 7lb each (approx.) while Bernard Harte had the best fish of the week of just over 10lb taken on the fly in Joes.
Thursday was tough, however Richard Anniss managed a 9lb fish at the falls on the worm, Leslie Cooper also had one at the falls on the worm of 7lb. Visiting anglers Garrett Ruigrok and Keith Byrne had a good day up river, Garrett started off the day releasing a fish of about 7lb on the fly, Keith Byrne followed with a nice fish of about 9lb also on the fly, later in the day Garrett caught a fish of about 6lb on the worm.
On Friday little angling effort was put in, with 3 fish to show for it. Pat Hagan had a lovely fish around the 10lb mark that gave him a great battle on a cascade conehead in Joes. Visitor Padraig McMahon had a 6lb fish on the fly after a hard days fishing, persistence paid off. Noel Barber released a fish 6lb at harrissons on the fly.
Saturday was wet, with the rain pouring down all day, resulting in few anglers venturing out for the day. The morning was dry, and while it was several anglers “made hay while the sun was shining” or in other words were lucky enough to catch fish. James Kennedy had a fish 4lb at the falls on the worm. 3 fish were caught up river on the fly, Michael Breslin had a 10lb fish on a cascade, Kevin Flynn had an 8lb fish from Joes and Gerard Merrick had a 5lb fish from Harrissons, all the action took place before lunchtime.
On Sunday the flood was down, but there was no colour in the water, there was a chance! There were fish on the move, but they didn’t seem to be resting. Tommy Colgan had a 6lb fish on the worm, as did Vincent Henry and Dennis Barritt. John Baker put in a long shift and was rewarded at the very end with a fish of 5lb on the fly, Gerry McHugh had one late in the evening also on the fly, a well made fish of about 8lb. all fish were taken at harrissons.