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Report June 6th - June 12th

37 of these were caught on the fly, while 65 were caught on the worm and prawn. This is the first week the fish steadily took the prawn.
Monday June 6th – 11 fish caught for the day all on worm and prawn. Juvenile angler Luke Colgan had a fish of 4lb on the prawn, Brian Hanratty had 2 fish on the worm both of about 4lb, Tony Smith had a 4lb fish on the prawn. Visiting German anglers Willie Martie and Stephen Michael had a good day catching 2 fish each, Willie had 2 on the prawn weighing 4lb and 6lb while Stephen had 2 fish on the worm weighing 3lb and 4lb on the worm.
Tuesday June 7th – Alfie Mahon had two lovely fish weighing 8lb and 9lb on the worm, Jim Kennedy had two fish weighing 4lb and 5lb on the worm, Jim Keenan also had two on the worm weighing 4lb each on the worm, Stephen Cassols had a 3lb fish on the worm. Eddie Harte released two fish on the fly weighing 3lb and 4lb and then caught a nice 6lb fish all skating a small tube fly. Visitor Alan McMaster released two 4lb fish on the fly, the fish took a lady eithne.
Wednesday June 8th – Leslie Cooper caught a lovely 7lb fish on the worm. Dermot Glennon released 2 on the prawn about 5lb each, Vincent Henry released 2 on the fly of about 3lb and 4lb, John Connolly also released 2 fish on the fly weighing 4lb and 5lb.
Thursday June 9th – A good day was had on Thursday with 22 fish caught, 12 of which were released. Eamon Ruddy had two nice fish on the worm weighing 5lb and 7lb, John Connolly had a nice 7lb fish on a cascade while Frank Adams had a lovely 8lb fish on the worm. The other fish averaged 4lb and were caught on fly and prawn.
Friday June 10th – Friday was another good day at the Falls with 25 fish caught, 12 of which were released. The fish averaged 4lb, mainly caught on the fly, with a couple on the prawn and worm. JB Chenaux had a nice 6lb fish on the prawn after releasing 2 and missing several more. John Connolly and James McGuire both released nice fish of 6lb.
Saturday June 11th – 13 fish were caught on Saturday, 3 were caught on the worm, the rest were on fly and prawn, 6 of which were released. Best fish of the day went to David Lee, a lovely fish approximately 8lb taken on the fly. The rest of the fish averaged 4lb.
Sunday June 12th – 19 fish were caught on Sunday mainly on fly and worm with 4 caught on the prawn. Most fish were around the 5lb mark but John Moriarty had a lovely fish of approximately 10lb on the worm.

In the low water and higher temperatures a small plastic tube skated across the water or just slightly sub-surface on a floating line with a long leader has been working along with small cascades, stoats tails and darker/more traditional patterns.