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Report June 27th - July 3rd

Fishing remains very good as water stays at a nice level at Ballisodare. With a good bit of fresh water this week there was a take and a move on the fish. There was very good fishing had this past week with 234 fish caught between the falls and up river with good sport had on both sections, 78 of these were released.
The grilse have been averaging the usual 4 and 5 pound mark, there was a few double figure fish seen this week, a few were caught by lucky anglers.
The fly and worm were the effective methods with fish at the falls showing little interest in a prawn.
Monday June 27th – Jim Keenan had two nice fish on the fly weighing 7 and 5lb at the falls. James Kennedy also had a 7lb fish at the falls on the worm. Visiting group of French anglers had a good day landing 10 between 4 men (3 released), of the group Loat Paul had the best fish on the prawn weighing 12lb, while the rest were in the 3-5 pound bracket. Juvenile angler MJ Graham had 2 nice grilse weighing 3 and 4 pound on the worm.
Tuesday June 28th – Noel Fairbanks, Warrick Bowden and Bernard McKeon had a good day on the fly at the falls landing 6 between them all between 4 and 5 pound. Leslie Cooper had a lovely fresh 10lb fish on the worm at the falls, Donagh McDonnell also had a nice fish on the worm at the falls weighing 8lb. John Connolly released two fish weighing 4 and 5lb up river, Sean Maye also released a 4lb fish on the fly up river.
Wednesday June 29th – Visiting group of French anglers consisting of Henry, Laot Paul, Cabon Albert and Pierre Albert had a good day again landing 8 fish between them, 6 of the fish were approximately 4 pound and they had 2 slightly smaller ones, all on prawn and worm. Albert Berry and Pat Foley had 4 nice fish between 5 and 6.5 pound on the fly at the falls.
Thursday June 30th – Thursday was a good day with over 30 fish caught, with a decent number of these released, all fish were caught on the fly and worm and were in the 3-6 pound bracket.
Friday July 1st – Bernard Mannion had a nice fish of 10lb on the worm at the falls, visiting anglers Ciaran McCuddy and Padraig McMahon had 4 nice grilse on the worm between 4 and 5lb. Visiting French party had another good day on Friday landing 10 fish between 5 men with two good fish of 7lb (worm) and 10lb (prawn). John Connolly released two small grilse under 3lb up river on the fly, Sean Maye released a 4lb fish up river on the fly and also had a nicer fish of about 5lb. Roy Cooper, Patrick O’Connor and Stephen Moore all had fish up river on the worm of about 4lb.
Saturday July 2nd – Saturday was again a consistent day with 20 fish caught, the 2 best fish of the day were caught by Damien Quigley (6lb on the fly) and visiting angler Robin from Tottenham (6lb on the worm).
Sunday July 3rd – Hugh and Noel McKeever had 4 good fish on the worm all between 5lb and 7lb. Joan Bowen-Walsh had 2 grilse weighing 4lb both on the worm. Johnny Shields had a nice 6lb fish on the prawn. Gerry McHugh had a 7lb fish on the fly at harissons, Albert and Alan Shaw had 3 between them on the worm at Harrissons, John Murray had 2 sea liced 4lb fish taken on a ½ inch willie gunn tube, David O’Connor had two fish weighing 4lb and 5lb on the same fly. Noel Barber released two fish about the 4 and 5 pound mark on the fly up river.