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Report May 11th - May 17th

Monday May 11th – One man fished for the day up river and was lucky enough to land a nice sea liced 9lb fish, the lucky angler was Jean Bernard Chenaux from Switzerland.
Tuesday May 12th – Jean Bernard Chenaux managed to land another fish weighing 8.5lb, Paddy Loughlin had a fish 7.5lb, John Connolly had a fish of 8.5lb and Eamon Ruddy had a fish 7.5lb. All fish were caught on the worm up river.
Wednesday May 13th – Richard Daly had a fish of 7.5lb on the worm at the falls, Vincent Henry had a 10lb fish on a willie gunn tube at harrissons, Fechin McMorrow (snd) had a 6.5lb fish on the worm at harrissons. Denis Crawley, John Connolly and John Scanlon released fish weighing 7lb, 6lb and 4lb respectively, all on the fly up river.
Thursday May 14th – with the river at a good height for worm and fly a good days fishing was had with 14 fish caught for the day. Anglers who had success were Jean Bernard Chenaux (7lb), Pat Hagan (8lb on fly), Patrick Scallan (4lb on worm), Terry O’Neillwas lucky enough to have 2 fish (7lb and 5lb on worm), James Ewing (7.5lb on worm), Padraig Cunningham (6lb on fly), Frank Adams (9lb on worm), Ken Tucker (6lb on fly – a tigertail flamethrower), Eddie Harte (7.5lb on fly), Pat Hagan (6lb on fly), Stephen Cassols had one 5lb on the worm. J.B Chenaux also released a fish 6lb on the fly and Tom Devaney released a 5lb fish also on the fly.
Friday May 15th – The river was in good order, with good fishing continued, 12 fish were caught for the day on fly and worm, with 10 of the 12 fish caught up the river, and 2 caught at the falls. Sean Maye had a fish 7lb at the falls on the fly. 6 fish were caught up the river on the worm by Gareth Norris (4lb + 7lb), Francy Kerins (4lb + 6lb), William Offord (7lb), Roy O’Rourke (5lb) and Duncan Whitehead (6lb). 3 were caught on the fly up river by Ken Tucker (7lb), John Connolly (7lb – released), and John Scanlon (7lb). Luke O’Connell released a fish of 10lb at the falls.
Saturday May 16th – 10 fish were caught for the day, 8 up river and 2 at the falls. David McHugh had a fish 10lb at the falls, and Luke O’Connell released a 4lb fish at the falls on the fly. Fish were caught up river by John Scanlon (6lb – fly), Brett McKee (5lb – worm), David Marron (5lb – fly), William Rainey (6lb + 4lb – worm), and Mark Crawford (7lb + 5lb – worm).
Sunday May 17th – another good days fishing with 7 fish for the day, all caught up river on both worm and fly. Denis Barritt released a fish of 5lb on the fly, Ken Tucker had the best fish of the day weighing 10lb on the fly, David Crawley and Sean Gallagher also had fish on the fly weighing 5lb and 6lb respectively. Albert Shaw, Vinny Brady and Paul Brady had fish on the worm weighing 6lb, 5lb and 4lb respectively.